Lake Tisza Boardwalk and Ecotouristic Trail

2000 steps above the water

Lake Tisza Boardwalk


+36 30  299 0178


47°38'33.6"N 20°39'49.8"E

Scheduled boats leave: 

Fűzfa harbor (Poroszló)

47°38'57.1"N 20°40'22.8"E

Enjoy your walk along the reeds and lagoons of the lake with its species-rich birdlife and explore with the help of the National Park’s guides the hidden treasures of Lake Tisza wildlife.

You will see:

  • Different habitats along the trail
  • Different species of nesting, feeding and migrating birds throughout the year
  • Almost 160 bird species have been observed at lake Tisza, more than 70 species of which nesting at the lake
  • Colourful information boards in English with photos of the plants and animals

The programme:

After a one-kilometer boat trip you reach the boardwalk. Two bird hides and a bird watching tower along the 1500 meters long trail offer the possibility to take a look at the birdlife. A small island with tables and benches invite visitors to rest during their stay.

Registered groups can book a one hour guided tour. Combined visits of Hortobágy and Lake Tisza are organized on request.

Please contact us for further information about special programmes for weekend trips or holidays (e.g. bird ringing demonstrations or night walks).

Boat timetable:

Scheduled boats leave from Fűzfa harbor at Poroszló near the bridge. 

Parking: At Fűzfa Resort

Opening times:

April, October: 10:00-16:00 (last scheduled boat from Fűzfa harbor goes at 15:00)

May 1 - June 14, September: 9:00-17:00 (last scheduled boat from Fűzfa harbor goes at 16:00)

June 15 - August 31: 9:00-19:00 (last scheduled boat from Fűzfa harbor goes at 18:00)



2000 HUF/Adult

1500 HUF/Child

Under 3 years is free

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