Lake Tisza Boardwalk and Ecotouristic Trail

2000 steps above the water

Lake Tisza Boardwalk


+36 30  299 0178


47°38'33.6"N 20°39'49.8"E

Scheduled boats leave: 

Fűzfa harbor (Poroszló)

47°38'57.1"N 20°40'22.8"E

Enjoy your walk along the reeds and lagoons of the lake with its species-rich birdlife and explore with the help of the National Park’s guides the hidden treasures of Lake Tisza wildlife.

You will see:

  • Different habitats along the trail
  • Different species of nesting, feeding and migrating birds throughout the year
  • Almost 160 bird species have been observed at lake Tisza, more than 70 species of which nesting at the lake
  • Colourful information boards in English with photos of the plants and animals

The programme:

After a one-kilometer boat trip you reach the boardwalk. Two bird hides and a bird watching tower along the 1500 meters long trail offer the possibility to take a look at the birdlife. A small island with tables and benches invite visitors to rest during their stay.

Registered groups can book a one hour guided tour. 

Please contact us for further information about special programmes for weekend trips or holidays (e.g. bird ringing demonstrations or night walks).

Boat timetable:

Scheduled boats leave from Fűzfa harbor at Poroszló near the bridge. 

Parking: At Fűzfa Resort

Opening times:

April, October: 10:00-16:00 (last scheduled boat from Fűzfa harbor goes at 15:00)

May 1 - June 14, September: 9:00-17:00 (last scheduled boat from Fűzfa harbor goes at 16:00)

June 15 - August 31: 9:00-19:00 (last scheduled boat from Fűzfa harbor goes at 18:00)



2000 HUF/Adult

1500 HUF/Child

Under 3 years is free

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