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The world of cranes

The world of cranes 



Location: Hortobágy National Park Visitor Centre
Address: 4071 Hortobágy, Petőfi tér 9.
GPS: (GPS: 47°34’56.20”N; 21°9’4.18”E)
Phone: Tel: +36 52/589-000; +36 52/369-140;
Fax: +36 52/589-321



Accessibility:  In the centre of village Hortobágy, next to main road no. 33, near to Hortobágy Csárda, at the roundabout.


The charismatic role of cranes in nature conservation (internationally as well as in the Hungarian tradition) highlights this bird among our local bird fauna. The visitors’ growing interest in cranes motivated us to provide authentic knowledge about these distinguished birds not only via guided tours, but also by a regularly organised exhibition before the subsequent migration season. The common crane’s vast range in Eurasia, with the wintering regions stretching into Africa, is overlapping with the range of several other crane species. Considering that the cranes have always inspired local cultures, it seemed reasonable to present all 15 species around the world in the exhibition.

Experiential learning and joyful entertainment for all ages is provided with a diorama, tangible objects, quizzes, a magnetic puzzle and a digital drawing board. The thematic structure of the exhibition is an individual attraction that suits the natural history of the Hortobágy exhibition.

The common crane was once a nesting bird in the region, however, in the past few decades it only migrates across the Hortobágy in more and more numerous flocks. The grasslands, fishponds and wetlands of the Hortobágy are the most populous mainland roosting places of the species during its European migration. The common crane is the emblem and at the same time, it is one of the most precious natural value of Hortobágy National Park. Crane migration is a widely appealing event in the Hortobágy, with approximately 1500 visitors turning up to watch the cranes at their feeding sites during the day and at their roosting places at sunset.

The following subjects are presented:

  • Recent crane species on Earth.
  • Phylogenetic tree of cranes.
  • Ontogenesis of cranes.
  • Specialities of the cranes’ anatomy.
  • Ranges and migration routes of cranes of the world.
  • Hungary’s importance during the migration of the common crane.
  • Population trends.
  • Cultural aspects.

Entrance fees:

Adult: 600 HUF
Student, seniors: 400 HUF
Child (3-6 years): 200 HUF
Family: 1200 HUF (2 adults, 2 child)

A 10% reduction is available for groups (more than 25 persons). 

The combined ticket of the Herdsmen Museum is also valid for the Körszín craftsmen's work exhibition, Hortobágy Inn exhibition and The world of cranes exhibition.




Actual events

2018. july

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